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Road Show Charter

Road shows are a touring show of performers, especially pop musicians. That said, musicians have a lot of luggage to carry, because their instruments itself take up a lot of space; then comes the costumes and props. Direct Connect is a company that understands your requirement and helps you sort out each and every minute detail of your trip.

Small teams or a group of fans can keep the party going in a mini bus, while a larger group can rent out coach and travel with ease and comfort.

We give you plenty of space for luggage, equipment and more, leaving a good deal of space to stretch your legs and relax, in our large models, for even larger groups.

You wouldn’t have to worry about being a designated driver. With our drivers who will get you to the concert, with a lot of time to hatchback with your friends and bring you all back home, safe after all the party is over. This doesn’t mean that the party is over when you get onto the bus on the way back. The bus we provide has TV, coolers full of party food and a lot more so you can continue the party up until you get off of the bus at your stop!

We do not make compromise with road safety and towards this endeavor we have incorporated strict speed control measures and our drivers have excellent good track record in safe driving. We have repeat orders from our customers and they continue to patronize our company. We do not make tall claims, which we do not render, which bespeak of our honesty. Cancellation before 36 hours of the departure will be refunded with full amount and within 36 hours will be reimbursed 50% of the booking amount.

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