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Employee Shuttle Contract

Do you have a lot of late comers in your office, blaming traffic or the lack of quicker means to get to the workplace? Do you have early leavers whose primary excuse is that they may miss their specific route bus? Do you have your clients or employees excessively billing you for visitations? We are the one stop solution to all of your issues.

While we do provide a lot of one time charters, shuttle contract would be a better solution for a long term and frequent usage. There are a lot of perks when you arrange a shuttle for your employees every day, such as,

  • Employees are comfortable in their travel, so they won’t be exhausted when they get to work. Rested employees will be able to work with more zeal.
  • With every day shuttle in place, employees won’t hesitate to put in extra hours.
  • One wouldn’t have to worry about the employees safety since we offer door to door pick up and drop
  • The employees too will enjoy the perks of not having to take public transport or walk to the shuttle gather point.
  • The employees too won’t have to worry about catching the train or bus every morning, so they can peacefully finish their chores until our shuttle reaches their door.
  • Organizing every day shuttle on contract, means that the company can cut costs, since we are competitive when it comes to cost and constantly updated on the offers in the market.

We also offer a lot of other perks and bonuses when you tie up with us for long term. Our team of experienced staff will guide you right from selecting the apt transport right down to the last leg of the contract. Leave all the work to us, you can sit back, relax and revive!

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