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Hospital Shuttle Contract

Hospital Shuttle, similar to an ambulance, can be an essential tool for people who need medical attention, but who do not have a pressing medical need. This method of transportation can ensure that a patient in need will be able to get from their home or one location to another quickly and safely. This differs from ambulance that can quickly transport someone in need of immediate medical attention to a hospital. In comparison, this non-emergency shuttle can include more basic cars, as well as ambulances, motor coaches, and airplanes when necessary. Direct Connect understands your needs and will ensure to adapt to them, when required. There are three main benefits to using non-emergency medical transportation:

  • They can carry essential medical equipment:
    This medical equipment may include colostomy bags and fluids, and it will help the professional manage the medical emergency of the individual until they reach the intended location.
  • It is more economical than emergency transportation
  • It lets a medical professional monitor the condition of the patient: A medical professional will be able to quickly evaluate a patient’s condition and deal with any medical assistance that the patient requires quickly and easily.

When it comes to safety, Direct Connect doesn’t leave anything to chance. After all, it only takes one accident to inflict injury or cause more damage. Not only do we keep detailed safety and maintenance records, we are hands on in ensuring all of our drivers meet Department of Transportation requirements, as well as our own – which is more rigorous and thorough. In addition to that we perform not just one time background check on our drivers, but we run recurring checks on yearly basis.

Whether you need a fleet of 5 vehicles or 50, we can scale up or down, based on your hospital’s changing needs.

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