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Athletic Teams Charters

Are you a soccer mom? Is it your turn to take the kids team to the ground? Do not let transport issue bother you. Just give Direct Connect a ring and we will handle the rest. It’s not just for the kids, you see. An entire football team, adults, I mean, can travel with utmost comfort to matches and back. Since it’s a charter, you wouldn’t need another vehicle to go to the after party!

We also provide charter special vehicles for various sporting event with space enough to carry the equipment and people in it. Small teams or a group of fans can keep the party going in a mini bus, while a larger group can rent out coach and travel with ease and comfort.

We give you plenty of space for luggage, equipment and more, leaving a good deal of space to stretch your legs and relax, in our large models, for even larger groups.

You wouldn’t have to worry about being a designated driver. With our drivers who will get you to the game, with a lot of time to hatchback with your friends and bring you all back home, safe after all the party is over. This doesn’t mean that the party is over when you get onto the bus on the way back. The bus we provide has TV, coolers full of party food and a lot more so you can continue the party up until you get off of the bus at your stop!

Whether you travel a short distance or trek across multiple states, Direct Connect will provide you with an excellent bus service that will keep you cozy, comfortable and safe all your way and bring you back to your city. With our efficient drivers, one need not worry covering time, so sit back, relax and just enjoy the ride!

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