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Business Groups - Small or Large Charters

Planning corporate events will always bring on a certain degree of hassle, but trade shows, conferences, business trips, presentations, and anything in between are significantly easier to operate when you’ve got transportation and logistics elucidated. With Direct Connect, you can enjoy a comfortable ride to your meeting, the airport, a hotel, and anywhere else, all while knocking out work and checking emails with complimentary WiFi, with your family busy on social media, posting on what a wonderful time they are having on the offsite planned in your office!

Did you want to take your business team on an offsite, making it a work and pleasure sort of weekend? Were you stuck, when it came to the charter and were out of options when it came to larger transport and the cost? Well, you don’t have to fret anymore, because the City Of Angels has a new charter in business and we charge you just the right price that will fit into the office budget.

We support larger or smaller groups, or even the Grande limousines, the legendary way of travel. We here at Direct Connect are available all over California, 24/7, to provide shuttles from any place. We also provide charters for employees to get to office or go home from workplace, on a daily basis.

We have the largest network of luxurious charter buses that we can provide excellent and prompt services in less than 3 hours of notice. We offer a wide assortment of modern transportation to choose from, a customary charter bus to mini bus to limousines.

We not just offer shuttle, we also take care of you right from the airport pick up handling accommodations at wonderful hotels, with no hidden cost. Your office can directly speak to our company representatives over telephone or email, get pictures of the buses, the interiors of the vehicle and then get free quotes from us.

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