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Renting Out a Limo

There are many times when you would consider renting a limo. If you are going for a formal occasion and don’t want to take your old beat up car there, you can look towards renting a limo. You obviously cannot go buying about a new car just for the occasion. Therefore you can rent out a limo for the occasion to make your grand entrance. Another occasion that you can rent out a limo for is a romantic getaway. You might be planning that big dinner with your loved one. You can add in a pleasant surprise by picking her up in a limo rather than your normal vehicle.

Limo Bus

Now you might be wondering that renting a limo would cost much more than an ordinary car. However this is actually a myth. A limo would only cost a little more than an ordinary car. For the luxury that you get in return it would actually seem like a very fair deal that you can afford quite easily actually. If you want to add that little spice in your life especially for special occasions then you should go ahead and rent out a limo. The experience that you will get out of it is well worth the sacrifice of those extra dollars that you would have to spend.

So now you are wondering who is going to drive the limo? Maybe you are wondering if you could drive the limo. However, most of the time, the limos are rented out with a driver. The driver will pick you up and then you can direct the limo as to where you want to go. The chauffer will take you around the locations of your requests. You should remember one thing. If you are renting out the limo on an hourly basis then the count for the hours start from the time that the limo leaves the car rental office and not the time when it leaves your home after picking you up. This is the policy that most rental services follow therefore you need to make sure that you are aware of this and you put out the timings accordingly to the company which would also make sure that you shell out as much as you have estimated.

There are normally slab rates for the limos for a particular set of hours. The companies will provide a grace period of two hours before shifting you to the next slab rate. This is to tackle unexpected delays like traffic jams or any other factor that is out of your control.

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