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Posted on Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 at 3:33 pm.

Hello and Welcome to the Direct Connect Charter Bus Blog….This post is specifically written to share some important facts on how to save money on your next Charter Bus Rental Service Nationwide. The first thing we suggest is getting at least three estimates for your service. For example, I recently needed service in Northern California for a client. I called one charter bus company and received the first estimate, however the price was a bit out of my budget. Needless to say, always know your budget and stick with it. If you calculate the miles from point A to Point B and multiply the miles times two by the current cost per gallon of fuel and the number of days you need the bus, this will give you a budget to start with.

Also  always consider the itinerary, is it extensive? Will the driver drive more than 8-10 hours per day without a break?  Once you decide on a budget that matches the itinerary for your service you can begin the easy work. 1. Get the first estimate of three.  For my trip in Northern California, my first estimate was $2930.00 for two days in Laytonville, CA, my second estimate was $2460.00, and my final estimate was $2660.00 which is the estimate that I decided to go with.

As you can see from my price comparison the rates are not consistent. The lowest price may not be the best price and here is why, low prices generally mean, the charter bus is older, and does not have the best amenities, so try to stay somewhere in the middle, and always ask for the year, make and model of the exact bus. Secondly check the company reviews, if you find bad reviews move on to the next company. Reviews today are crucial and can save time and frustration.

Finally do your homework, plan the budget and stick with the budget and do not be afraid to ask the bus company to meet your budget. Most times we are flexible unless the discount you’re asking for is ridiculous. Let’s talk a little bit about discounts.  If you have ever booked a flight with an airline, have you ever asked the airline for a discount? It is unlikely if you did, that the discount was given. The policy for ground transportation is not any different than the policy for air travel.  In some cases bus companies will give a discount for non-profit groups, and youth groups, it depends, it does not hurt to ask. However just asking for a random discounts is not favored. The reason why bus companies cannot give random discounts is because bus companies have to maintain high cost, such as, fuel, $5 million in Insurance, workers comp insurance, bus driver salary and benefits, bus maintenance and office staff to serve you when you call. These cost are all factored into the cost of the  charter bus rental service.

Remember to save money on your next Charter Bus Rental Service do the following:  Compare prices, and never click on paid ads, try to select a company in Goggle local places, or a company in the organic listing section, as these companies are normally less than the companies with the big fancy paid ads. The reason, if you select a  company based on the top placement in the search engine, you are likely going to pay more for service because, someone has to absorb the cost of that fancy ad, and guess who? You guessed it.

We suggest that you go to the organic ads and stay with a local service provider in Goggle maps section and get at least three estimates from these ads. Never book a bus with a company that cannot give you an estimate via email or over the phone within one day. If you call a company and cannot reach them, guess what? While you are out on a trip and something happens you  may not be able to reach the company then when you really need help. Pick a bus company with 24/7 phone support, and attentive to your needs from start to finish.

Direct Connect Charter Bus is a Nationwide  Charter Bus Rental Company and  we provides hands on service and support 24/7 with state of the art equipped buses and minibuses. Our team will  stay connected to you until your trip ends.  We provide phone and text support with updates such as driver changes, time delays and news and information relevant to your trip.

The final take away is this, Plan your trip, plan your budget, get three estimates, and compare and contrast rates and equipment and I guarantee a good Charter Bus Rental experience. For more tips, follow us on Facebook, and Google+ Direct Connect Charter Bus the Nationwide Bus you can trust. Call 800 697-7614, or request a free quote at Thank you and we are standing by, always happy to answer questions and help you book a bus, regardless if its with us.

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