Direct Connect Charter Bus now offering Nationwide Employee Shuttle Service

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2012 at 10:55 pm.


Direct Connect Charter Bus is a nationwide group
transportation service, in the transportation business for over 10 years. Rencently their services have expanded to include, Employee Shuttle Services Nationwide.
Employee Shuttle service is of great benefit to those commuting long distances
and for employers to add value to their employees compensation package, we believe,  in this hard economy an employer with this kind of perk is a huge benefit.

What kind of employers use shuttles? Hospitals, Airports, Corporations, even Construction Companies rely on employee
shuttles. The rising cost of fuel, wear and tear on automobiles, and time spent
traveling is financially draining, as well as emotionally and physically draining especially for those that travel long distances to work daily. Employee Shuttle Services provide peace of mind, and is welcomed by most employee’s.  Direct Connect Charter Bus will tailor a
shuttle service to meet your needs in the most economically efficient method.
Our services are not a one size fits all shuttle. The Direct Connect principal business
goal is superior service and well maintained equipment and services tailored to meet your needs. All passengers aboard
the Direct Connect shuttle are greeted with a smile, fresh baked donuts and the
morning paper.

Direct Connect is unique and affordable for large or small
employee shuttles. The benefits of a shuttle service are many, and Direct
Connect has covered all bases with services to reduce pollution by going green
in certain cities and states. There are definite advantages to working with a
team of professionals that have one primary goal, which is customer
satisfaction and retention. Direct Connect Charter Bus also provides on-campus
college shuttle services as well. Don’t stop to fill up, just get on the Direct
Connect Employee Shuttle Bus, and leave the fuss to the trusted bus.

For more information please visit
and we look forward to driving you.

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